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Sub-Awards - FSRS

​fsrs.php Method

Allows access to FSRS data on Sub-awards. NOTE: The detail argument MUST be included in order to return results.

Error Codes and Warnings:

Currently there is only one error code associated with the fsrs method, although an expanded list is planned for future versions. In case of an error no results will be displayed and the error message will be displayed inside the <error> XML element.

Error messageDescription:
No records found for the search criteriano records were found for the search criteria specified


FieldField Description:
detailControls which type of output -- which "level of detail" -- you get. Choices are:

Defaults to b (Basic) if not set.
sortbyDetermines how records are sorted. Valid values are:

  • r = by contractor or recipient name
  • f = by dollars of awards (in descending order)
  • d = by date of award
Defaults to sort by dollars if not provided.

Sorting functionality is not available for the following level of details (Summary, Low, and Medium)
max_recordsAllows you to set the maximum number of records retrieved to fewer than 1000
records_fromAllows you to set the starting position of the records to be retrieved
spending_typeThe type of spending for the award. Valid values are:

  • c = Contracts
  • g = Grants
Defaults to both if not provided.
fiscal_yearSpecifies a single year; defaults to all years.
first_year_rangeSpecifies the first year in a range of years; if used, must be used with last_year_range and without fiscal_year
last_year_rangeSpecifies the last year in a range of years; if used, must be used with first_year_range and without fiscal_year
subawardee_nameThe name of a subcontractor or subcontractor parent company
subawardee_city_nameThe city within a subcontractor's address
subawardee_state_codeThe state abbreviation within a subcontractor's address.
subawardee_zipThe ZIP code within a subcontractor's address.
subawardee_countryThe two-letter country code for the country in a subcontractor's address.
subawardee_cdThe 4-character Congressional District within which a subcontractor is located.
subawardee_pop_cdThe Congressional District of the place of performance.
subawardee_pop_stateThe state abbreviation of the state of the place of performance
subawardee_pop_zipThe ZIP code of the place of performance.
subawardee_pop_countryThe two-letter country code for the place of performance country.
maj_agency_catThe 2-character code for a major governmental agency issuing contracts.
subaward_project_descriptionFree text search within the text that describes what the contract is for.
prime_award_numberApplicable for both Contracts and Grants. Enter Procurement Instrument Identifier (PIID) for Contracts, for grants enter Federal Award Identification Number (FAIN).
prime_order_numberApplicable for only Contracts data. Enter IDV Procurement Instrument Identifier (IDV PIID).
subawardee_duns_numberThe subcontractor duns number.
prime_award_program_source_agency_codeThe program source agency code.
prime_award_program_source_account_codeThe program source account code.
busn_indctrDetermines the Business Fund Indicator:

r = funds provided by Recovery Act
cfda_program_numAn ID for the governmental program for the Prime Award. Accepts multiple values separated by commas.
All prime awardee data as reported by agencies. The assistance prime awardee data includes agency submissions as of and the contracts prime awardee data includes procurement data downloaded from FPDS as of . Please note that availability of DOD contracts prime awardee data is delayed by 90 days to protect operations tempo. All Sub-awardee data is based on prime awardee submissions from FSRS, for sub-contracts as of and for sub-grants as of . For more information about the data, data sources, and data timeliness, please see About the Data.