In May 2014, the President signed the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act, requiring Federal agencies to establish government-wide financial data standards and report spending data in much more detail. The data is to be displayed on an expanded that go live in May 2017.

Instead of building the future and getting feedback from users after the launch, the U.S. Department of the Treasury took the innovative approach of launching​ in November 2015 to gather users' recommendations and suggestions for the future

Everyone is welcome – the public, developers, people inside and outside the government – and encouraged to join a Community Forum​​​ and give us feedback about what features and tools you like and don't like. Make suggestions to improve the site, ask questions, and participate in discussions.  Share what you build with the API.

To comment privately, email us at Feedback​.

Based on your suggestions, we will make updates and add features to the site that meet your needs and answer your questions about how the Federal government is spending your money. Check back often to see how and when we implement your recommendations.