ATTENTION: In the coming months, we will release a new version of The new site will provide data on federal awards as well as include data on agency expenditures. Please note that in advance of the transition, financial assistance awards, such as grants and loans, are being updated on only. Please visit the new site and give us your feedback at Contact Us or join the Community.

What You Will Not Find On

​Grant Applications  All available federal grants can be found at

Assistance for Housing, Rent, Food, Personal Expenses  The federal government does not provide direct payments to individuals for personal expenses, such as rent, food, or to pay bills. However, the federal government may provide funding to the states for local programs.

Funding by Broad Category  Agencies are not required to report the category, such as health, research and development, infrastructure, energy, environment, for each transaction. 

Tax Credits and Appropriation Data There is no requirement that information on tax c​redits or appropriation amounts be collected and displayed on

Copies of Contract, Grant, or Loan Documents  Many of these documents are not made available to the public because they contain trade secrets or proprietary information.  Information about contracts up for bid can be found at Loans are transacted through local banking institutions, therefore the documentation is not available.

Number of Jobs There is no requirement for the agencies to collect job numbers from the prime recipients and no requirement for prime recipients to collect job numbers for sub-recipients.