ATTENTION: In the coming months, we will release a new version of The new site will provide data on federal awards as well as include data on agency expenditures. Please note that in advance of the transition, financial assistance awards, such as grants and loans, are being updated on only. Please visit the new site and give us your feedback at Contact Us or join the Community.

What's New

​​​​​​​​​​​​Since updating the site on March 31, 2015, we have added new functionalities and restored manyof the previous functionalities. ​​​We welcome your feedback and suggestions on how to continue to improve the website. In addition to our Contact Us​ page on, we've established a ​forum on GitHub​ for logging issues, requesting updates, and providing other feedback. 

  1.​Give us your recommendations and suggestions for the next generation of  Go to and give us feedback on the wireframes and mockups posted in the Concepts​ section. We need your help deciding features and functionality to include on the future site.  ​ 
  2. ​Advanced Data Search: New functionality allows for the selection of multiple filters in every category. In addition, the search results have been expanded to display up to 1,000,000 transactions. When the number of transactions exceeds 1,000,000, you can sort the columns and see results for all transactions and you can download all searched transactions, no matter how many there are.   ​
  3. Recipient Profiles​Every prime recipient now has a profile summarizing data for the recipient as a prime and as a sub-recipient. You will find data on the Total Funds Awards as Prime and as a Subrecipient from 2008, Awards by Spending Type, the agencies that made the awards, and the sub-awards that the recipient received.
  4. Largest Awardees in the U.S.: ​You can view the largest awardees by fiscal years 2008 – 2015.  Note that Multiple Recipient data is no longer displayed in this table.
  5. Overview of Awards by Fiscal Year: This section allows you to see the spending trends for contract, grant, loan, and other financial assistance awards from 2008. The text view provides the totals for each fiscal year
  6. Keyword Search:  In the upper right-hand corner of every page, you can select the Search Data by Keyword tab and enter a recipient name, recipient DUNS, parent DUNS, Award ID (IDV PIID), Order No. (PIID), Project description, 6-digit NAICS code, 4-digit Product Service code, or a phrase. The results default to the current Fiscal Year and all Spending Types . On the Advanced Data Search page, enter a keyword and select other filters to narrow your search results. For more information on the keyword search, see the FAQs. 
  7. Data Download: We have improved the download results and the overall performance for downloading large datasets.
  8. Data Archives: Beginning in May 2015, only the most current Full and Delta files are being posted (files that were previously available have been removed, however all the data is captured in the most current files). Empty files have been removed and will no longer be produced.  The Full and Delta files are updated starting on the 16th of every month. If there are no changes in the data from the previous month, a new file will not be generated. If an agency has not reported new or changed data for the month, a file will not be generated for that agency for that month. The latest data is contained in the Full files with the Last Modified Date indicating when the data was changed. 
  9. NAICS and Product Service Codes:  The 6-digit NAICS and 4-digit Product Service codes have been added to the Advanced Data Search
  10. DATA Act : As federal agencies execute the requirements of the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act of 2014 (DATA Act) , we are posting information about the government-wide processes, the guidance surrounding the implementation, and updates on the Pilot to Reduce Recipient Reporting Burden. The National Dialogue on the Pilot is now open. You will find the latest information here.  ​​​